In this video, I show you how to Love your body and develop positive body image with Tapping, also called EFT (emotional freedom techniques).

I start with the belief “I’m feeling uncomfortable in my body, or I am fat” and get to the CORE belief under all of that and work on rooting out that belief.

When we are feeling self conscious about our body, our image, our weight etc., it is ALWAYS about something going on much deeper, usually centered around not feeling loved or lovable.

Tapping can help you to release those thoughts and beliefs that make you feel like you are not good enough, not lovable, thus protecting yourself with focusing on your appearance and outer image.

When you’re free form the beliefs that you are not good enough or lovable, you can live your life completely expressing yourself as you are and experience true UNCONDITIONAL love from yourself and Life around you… and you become Free.

Click “Play” to follow along and bust through those nasty body feelings – You Deserve to feel Happy in Your Body NOW!


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Love and HUGS,


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