First of all — What is a trigger?

A trigger is an emotional response to something in your reality, causing discomfort in the body.'ANGRY-ANN' photo (c) 2010, Josh Janssen - license:

It could be a response to something someone said, something you see, someone you see, or any other experience you have in your world that makes you feel icky inside, like you want to run and hide, shut out the world and bury your head in the sand. Or, makes you want to hit something, hurt someone or yourself.

Triggers can range from small to large – but the truth about triggers is that they are experiences from the past that we experience in the present moment as if the past event or feeling is happening to us now.

Meaning that they bring up a version of ourselves from our past (could be a younger version of you, say at age 6) that responds to the current experience as if we are at that previous age.

Triggers can be scary because we can feel something that doesn’t make sense to us, that feels really uncomfortable, and we just want to make the feeling go away as quickly as possible.

There are different ways of dealing with triggers – we may turn to unhealthy behaviors such as restricting, binging, purging, cutting, or other ways of hurting ourselves – but there are healthier ways of coping with them.

When we are triggered, and feeling a sense of discomfort in our body – no matter how big or how small – it is important for us to first realize that we are being triggered.

When we can take a step back and admit that we are being triggered – we can see from the greater perspective of ourselves that it is not us who is indeed triggered, but our past self that has come up to say hello. Triggers are a signal that there is a part of us from our past that is still hurting and needs healing.

When we can recognize that we are triggered, we can see how we would respond previously (usually with self destructive behavior) and then remove ourselves from the situation that is triggering so we can manage the uncomfortable feelings that are coming up so we don’t have to act from a place of our past – but from the present moment.

Check out this video where I teach you the 10 steps to successfully dealing with and healing a trigger using tapping and inner child work. This process is EASY and only takes 5-10 minutes!

For your reference, I’ve listed the 10 steps below, along with some bonus tips & tricks so you can set yourself free from your triggers and uncomfortable feelings!

Step #1: Recognize that you’re triggered
Step #2: Express how you’re feeling to second party
“I’m feeling triggered right now. I’m experiencing _____ (feeling) in my body. I need to process this right now.”
Step #3: Remove yourself from the situation to process your trigger
“Even though I’m feeling really triggered right now, I love and accept myself anyway”
Step #5: Discover the core belief and start a new tapping sequence
Step #6: Discover what you’re needing
Step #7: Check in with your younger self / Inner Child
Step #8: Ask what your inner child is needing from you and listen to their response
Step #9: Address what s/he is needing and say it to her/him
Step #10: Embrace your inner child into a hug and become one with her/him

Take a deep breath & and return to the situation without your trigger!


~ Make a practice of checking in with your inner child regularly
~ Remember triggers are a symbol of past wounding that needs healing
~ You are BIGGER than your triggers and capable of healing them!
~ Your triggers are NOT you — they are the past

Triggers 10 steps graphic

I’d love to hear from you – what is an example of a trigger you have dealt with in your own life recently? Have you ever used tapping and how did it help you (or did it?)

Thanks for reading and may you continue to discover the beautiful, vibrant you that loves life and all that comes with it!

Big Hugs,


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