Happy Day to you Mama!

photo_sunflowerWhether you have babies (human or fur) or not, you are still a Mama to your Inner Child! She has written a very special message to you…. (keep reading or scroll down to the bottom)


Did you know I used to cry my way through Mother’s Day?

I don’t know about you, but Mother’s Day (and ALL Holidays) have been very difficult in the past for me because of the stuff it brings up for me about my family.

See, my biological mother was my ABUSER (and my family her ‘flying monkeys’) — she suffers from the worst of mental illness (Narcissistic Personality Disorder — undiagnosed bc it is impossible to get them to admit they have a problem).

And though she loved me in her own twisted ways, it has been crucial to my Recovery that I keep distance from her.

Complete and total distance. 

No contact. 

Every once in a blue moon I’ll receive an email from her (or break down and send her one, regretting it soon after hitting the ‘send’ button).

This would then follow with a severe bout of depression and extreme pain in realizing via her response, or attempted contact, that she is so sick and in denial of her illness, she can’t communicate with a healthy me, let alone have a relationship.

It’s quite heartbreaking indeed, but there is a happy ending. 

Details aside (you can read more about them in my upcoming book… 🙂 ), I can say that it has been quite a journey of healing for me to get to a place where I don’t want to puke all over myself hearing about Mother’s Day and all that comes with it.

Because when I was still healing the deep wounds that my mom (and her flying monkeys) had caused me, I hurt so much that I couldn’t even bare to see or think about another person having a loving relationship with their mother. 

It didn’t seem fair.

It made me question myself a lot and ask if there was something wrong with me — am I broken? I would ponder for hours… days… weeks… 

As a psychic, intuitive and energy healer, I knew along my path that I would somehow get to the other side of that pain — though I never knew exactly HOW in those dark, painful moments — I just surrendered to being guided through the process by my Angels.

And through taking one step each day in my recovery, CHOOSING to hear my inner voice and break through the blocks that hold me back (with TAPPING of course!!!!) I’ve made it to the other side!

Finally…. FINALLY…. feeling a sense of relief, a sense of “oh wow I can breathe” has finally come over me.

A feeling of enveloping Love. 

I no longer hate my mother or wish her ill or any other thing that seemed to be equal to the pain I was feeling.

I just want her to find the Freedom that I have found, in loving myself and realizing that I am the single Creator of my Experience, totally loved and supported by my Creator — the Universe. 

It is quite a relief I have to say!

:::::HAPPY DANCE::::

Soooooooo…. this Mother’s Day, instead of spending my day in my pajamas, crying with chocolate and Gwennie my kitty on my lap, I’m going to enjoy this beautiful letter that our Inner Child sings to us, take myself on a self love journey, smell the gardenia flowers, journal about the beauty and wonder around me, and all that I am grateful for in my life… and realize that I AM a Mother — a damn GOOD Mother — not like my Mother, but BETTER! 

I’m a Good Mother to Myself. 

I nurture myself, choose to love myself, forgive my mistakes, and choose Life every single day. Because I want to be here, on this planet.

I want to Contribute, to be Alive and to Feel Good and Create!

So, here is to the Mama in YOU that loves YOU — that nurtures YOU, takes care of YOU, tells YOU it’s going to be okay when you need to hear it — the Mama that has GOTTEN THRU SHIT BC SHE HAD TO.

You Did It! 

You are Enough and You are LOVED!!!!

Embrace it :-).

And enjoy this letter.

I love you Beautiful Goddess,

Dear Mama

Dear Mama,
Thanks for never giving up on me.
i konw sometimes it canb e hard,
My needs can b difficult to understand,
and sometimes I take over the wheel.
bc i like to drive.
But i want u to know that all i ever wanted
was for u to sow me that u care,
show me that ur there,
that u luv me.
And you always have, 
even if you didnt kno whow,
or didnt think you had the time.
Somehow, you did.
You are an incredibly strong woman 
and I am so grateful for you.
Thank you for saying yes to life.
To my life.
I love you.
Me  (Your Inner Child)
i love her thanks angels     Mamas Day 2014

A Mothers Day Card for you from your Inner Child xo


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