In this video I recorded in 2012, I am literally DRIVING down from Orange County to San Diego to begin my new Life!

I’m driving and recording (not the best idea – please don’t do this!) talking about how I MANIFESTED a move from Transitional Treatment to San Diego — with limited resources and using the Law of Attraction…

Check out my video and then learn the 6 steps I used to create this Dream (and how you can too)!

Here Are The Steps to Manifest Your Dream Like I Did:

Step #1 – Know What You DON’T Want

Almost four years ago, I was starting my life over after being diagnosed with Anorexia-nervosa. I elaborately researched treatment centers to find one that took my insurance and also wouldn’t try to “heal” the gay out of me (I have been out as a proud bisexual for several years).

I found an amazing in-patient Treatment center in Tucson, Arizona called Mirasol where I could focus on healing for a few months before I started the new chapter of my life — and I had no idea where my new life would begin.

What I did know was that I didn’t want to return to Colorado (my home state). One of the biggest causes of my eating disorder was the chronic stress of an abusive environment led by my controlling mother. She was extremely abusive, narcissistic, controlling, mirrored her own eating and mental issues and tried to “own” me.

I was a ghost and I wanted my Life back.DSC00939

I knew there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going back to that place.. the origin of my eating disorder… which is in fact why my luggage was overweight because I fit everything important to me that would fit — and left the rest.

I knew that if I came back, no matter where I was in that state, she would try to control me, manipulate me and ruin my life.

Everything I had worked so hard to heal would have been jeopardized. Just the stress alone wasn’t worth it and I wanted to take my power back. I was ready to take control of my own life after all the hard work I was going to do to heal myself.

Once of my biggest challenges through my first full round of treatment was surrendering to the fact that I really didn’t know what I was going to do after treatment — where I was going to go, what I was going to do and how I was going to get there.

My financial supplementation was cut off in the middle of my stay (thankfully my insurance continued to cover my treatment for the full course) and my credit cards had been maxed out (when you don’t think you’re going to live much longer, it’s easy to spend without consequence) and I had zero savings, so that created a lot of fear in me that I had to continuously surrender every single day.

I knew that I had the opportunity to start over going somewhere totally new and I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to consciously create a life that I really wanted in a place that I would love.

Step #2 – Get Clear About What You DO Want

IMG_6476I knew that if I could choose ANYWHERE to live it would be near the Ocean. I know that the ocean is one of the most healing places, full of negative ions and good vibes.

I knew that I preferred the forward-thinking West Coast (rather than East Coast – no hard feelings) so that helped me to start narrowing down the places I could see myself loving life.

From previous visits to Southern California, I knew that I would love to live somewhere in that area near the beach. I loved the temperate weather there and knew some parts had some great communities with forward thinking people.

I began to narrow it down even further by choosing to eliminate the LA and Orange County area. As a woman healing from anorexia and terrible body image, I knew that being in a place full of people who judge themselves on what they look like may not be a conducive place for me to continue healing and start my new life.

I spent hours on the computer looking at all the ocean towns south of LA/OC and searched pictures, local websites, attractions, recreation, restaurants — basically as much information I could find on every spot from OC down to Mexico.

san-diego-skyline-bay-viewSomething struck a chord when I looked at San Diego. I didn’t know why, but it felt like it called out to me. I had never really been there before other than a quick trip to visit a friend at SDSU so I didn’t have any real-life experience to go from, but my intuition just told me “this is it.”

So, I decided to trust my gut and made my decision that San Diego was the place, even though I didn’t know how I was going to get there, I was clear on what I wanted.

#3- Nevelize Your Goal

As the successful law of attraction coach Joe Vitale would say, you need to “Nevelize” your goal (another word for experience it as if it had already happened — some people call this Visualization but you really need to get into the feeling of it more than just the visualization).

I took a huge piece of white craft paper and drew the city of San Diego on it. I printed out all kinds of pictures of the city and area and pasted them on the paper.

I wrote “I live in San Diego!” in big letters all across the photos. I pinned this large Visual on the wall next to my bed and would spend every night sitting in front of it, imagining and feeling myself there.

blake nevelize visualize beach san diego oceanI would think about all the cool things I would do like swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, paddle boarding, walking the city streets exploring the cool shops.

I imagined myself challenging my food rules by going to yummy restaurants and exploring the different types of food there. I felt myself meeting really cool open minded people.

I imagined the beautiful weather and seeing palm trees everywhere I went. I really got into the feeling of being there (the mind doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine and what is real so this tool really works).

When I was feeling scared, unsure or doubtful about the reality of making this dream come true… I would move onto the next step.

Step #4 – Clear Your Blocks

Sometimes, it really seemed like it was never going to happen, but I kept holding my faith. And when I couldn’t do that, I would tap on the fears coming up for me.

TPthumbnailBy now you know that I am a HUGE fan, expert and teacher of the energy clearing tool EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I even created my own free video course about it called Intuitive Tapping™.

This was the tool I had some experience with before treatment and was taught each week in “aftercare” class with one of my favorite therapists. I learned to master the skill of conquering my fears, doubts and insecurities using this technique.

The cool thing about tapping is that even if you don’t know exactly what your block is, you can just follow the feeling to remove it anyway. It’s not a mental game, it’s an emotional one and it’s super easy to use. Learn more about how to master it yourself here.

The biggest blocks and fears that came up for me in this manifestation process was that I had no savings, no current job, and NO FAMILY to support me on this journey.

What I did have.. was a treatment team that would be there for me until I left treatment, new life skills I had learned, a tool to help me cope and a decent sized Facebook community that I had cultivated over the previous years. These virtual friends had stuck by me and were incredibly supportive as I shared my story of discovering I had an eating disorder, and working through my denial of it until I got the help I needed.

Once I set my sights on San Diego, I didn’t let my faith or vision waver (you CAN’T to truly manifest) and when it did waiver, I tapped on whatever was coming up.

I would continue to strengthen my faith by saying to myself every day “I’m getting to San Diego, I don’t care what it takes, I’m going. You better prepare everything Universe, because I’m going.”

I didn’t care what it took, or how long it took I just knew I would get there, and I had to believe that I would figure it out and the Universe would re-arrange itself to make it happen.

Step #5 – Take Inspired Action

This can feel like a scary step, but when the Universe and your Intuition are guiding you to do something in alignment with what you are creating, you ride that wave into taking inspired action.

I knew that the next step I needed after Mirasol was to find a transitional treatment center where I could get support and therapy part-time and work part-time to begin saving up enough money to start a life on my own. I needed time and support to create resources.

One of my therapists and I began doing research until we found a place that we thought would work. It was in San Diego and we setup an enrollment call.

That’s when I hit a brick wall, was being asked to be super clear and hold the faith — even when it didn’t seem possible — and to re-align my thinking with what I truly wanted.

The transitional center we found wasn’t actually transitional (it was incorrectly advertised). It was another in-patient treatment center like the one I was at and I wouldn’t be able to work part time and save up money to begin my life.

I knew that wouldn’t work, and I’m not going to lie to you – I was devastated. I cried and I threw a mini-fit. I said some mean things to my therapist (all for which I apologized and was forgiven for later) and I began to feel hopeless.

That’s when I had to go back to step #2 — get even more clear about what I want — and then shift into step #4 — clear the blocks that keep me from getting there.

blake smirk unsure tucson az
It wasn’t easy, but often times things like this come up to ask us to be even more clear.
You’re putting your order into the Universe and it just wants to make sure it gets your order right, condiments and all.

So I went through the steps again – #1 I knew I didn’t want a full in-patient center – #2 I knew I did want a transitional center close to San Diego where I could live, receive treatment and work part-time – #3 imagining myself there, happy and working toward the life I wanted – #4 working through the blocks and fears that felt like it wouldn’t happen – and then #5 – pay attention to my intuition and take inspired action when I was guided to.

At this point, it was time for me to move onto the final step.

Step #6 – Be Open to Receiving What You Are Asking For

Not only did I know it would take Faith, but I knew that I needed to open myself up to receive what I wanted — to move past my previously conditioned patterns of self sabotage where I believed (thought over and over) that good things couldn’t and wouldn’t happen to me.

I had to believe that they did (and tap on it when it felt impossible) and open myself to receive. This involved a lot of prayer, journaling, tapping, talking about my fears and doubts with my treatment team and the other ladies there.

When I couldn’t believe in myself, they believed in me and that helped me open up more to receive. (Having a community to support you in creating your Dreams can make the biggest difference.)

Finally there was a sign of land. One of my therapists found a transitional treatment center — not in San Diego — but just an hour north in Orange County. DSC02076It wasn’t exactly the location I wanted, but I knew I would still get to San Diego, this was just a stop on the way.

I took a leap of faith and packed my bags getting ready to set off on the next step of my journey.

There was still just one thing — I didn’t have the funds or way to get from Tucson, Arizona to Orange Country, California.

I went through the steps again, praying for an answer, tapping on the belief that it would never happen, that it was impossible, that I was going to end up in a homeless shelter (which truly was my backup plan – there was no way in hell I was going back to where I had come from) and listened for the inspiration to take action.

Then an idea struck – I could be vulnerable, put myself out there, write a post to my Facebook community telling them my story and what I needed for the next step in my Recovery, and ask for help.

I was terrified, but I felt guided to do it and I knew it would take a step outside of my comfort zone to manifest what I needed and wanted.

I wrote my post, I setup a donation button via Paypal, and I shared it. I shared it several times over several days — and the response was incredible.

Not only did I manifest almost one thousand dollars(!!) but other gifts including a free plane ticket from Tucson to Denver to pickup my car, several friends that could host me on my drive from Colorado to Orange County, a foster home for my Kitty while I was in my second treatment center and lots of love and support!

Instead of judging me for asking for what I needed, I was met with love, support and encouragement with everyone cheering me on wanting to see me succeed!

I was on my way.DSC02160

I spent five months in that transitional center in Orange County, several months just working through more therapy, and then it was finally time for me to get a part time job. I was determined to get something in alignment with my skills that I would love and the first thing that came to mind was Apple.

I am the go-to techie in my family and group of friends and had been a lifetime Apple customer, training people on their software and hardware for years, so I knew it was a perfect fit for me. I prayed, tapped on my fears, and took inspired action — printed out 4 resumes after applying online and walked into every Apple store in the area, asked for a manager, introduced myself and make a good impression with my personality and smile 🙂 .

As Luck Manifesting would have it, I got a call back the next day. I was setup for an interview, and from that point on it just flowed and I got the job!DSC02283

Deep down in my heart I knew I was going to get to San Diego whatever it took though I kept it to myself while
I proved my talent and hard work ethic in that store.

I put 100% into my job, had fun, shared my story of recovery with people and then as my time at the treatment center was coming to an end, I asked a friend I confided in: “what would it take to transfer stores after only working at this store for 3 months?”

He told me that you usually had to wait a year but we had a really cool store maager, so I should just ask him – because what’s the worst that could happen?

So I pulled him into the office in private (remember your dream is SACRED only share it with people who can make it come true for you!) and I told him my situation.

I said:

“I’m in recovery from anorexia, I’m almost done at my current treatment center and I want to go down to San Diego where I can live with a healthy friend of mine who can help me move forward in my healing process.”

He replied:

“Well we usually have you work a year before transferring stores, but I really think I can help you make this happen.”

I was a hard worker and a bright light and everyone loved the energy I brought to work so he WANTED to help me because he liked me and saw that I had a dream.

He wanted to help me make my dream come true.

He put in the request, and next thing I know I had an interview at a San Diego store!

On a trip down there to scout apartments — remember I had very little savings at this point — and I was still unsure and totally scared about how I was going to make this happen, but I just knew deep down that it would and I just kept doing the clearing work.

I had my interview in San Diego and I rocked it. I shared with them my career goals, my joyous desire to live in San Diego and I shared my recovery story with them honestly.

People love being around your honesty and #authenticity, it sets you apart and makes you stand out. [Click to Tweet!]Tweet: People love being around your honesty and #authenticity, it sets you apart and makes you stand out. @BlakeFreedom

After that it was up to the Universe. I just had to have Faith.

I kept praying, visualizing, and working through any blocks and negative voices telling me that I couldn’t do it.

I just waited patiently, focused on my recovery work, being the best I could at my job and kept talking with my friend (who was also moving to SD as luck The Universe would have it) about our new life in San Diego, getting really excited and uplifting our vibration (Step #3 – Nevelize it!)

So then I get a call from Apple in San Diego — they tell me that not only do they have a position for me — but I’m getting a PROMOTION AND A RAISE!!! IMG_0396

That was a sign — okay this is really happening!

I had chosen the date I could start just after I was set to leave my transitional center.

I still had to manifest my apartment AND the rest of the money I needed to put down a deposit and my first month’s rent.

Again, the circumstances seemed against me (bad credit, little savings, no help from family, newness of being in the real world after a life threatening illness, etc etc) but I walked through the steps once again (and again, and again, and again!).

As I was doing the belief work around money and visualizing having more than enough for my move and transition to my apartment, something miraculous happened.

A check showed up in the mail for just over the exact amount of money I needed!!

It was money I didn’t even know was coming… some Christmas money from a previous year and a small amount of inheritance. It had been sitting in a drawer waiting to find it’s way to me.. and it did at just the right time because I opened myself up to receive it!

I knew the proper being to thank was The Universe and Myself because together we made it happen. I sent a thank you note to the person who sent me the gift and then said my thanks to the Universe with a Happy Dance 🙂 .

After that, my friend and I found a beautiful apartment in La Jolla (within the area of San Diego) and we knew we loved it — just 2.5 blocks from the beach.Ocean_sunset_cliffs

I didn’t have a great record with my previous apartment (they didn’t let me go easily when I needed to get to treatment to save my life) and I didn’t have very good credit (I didn’t think I was going to be sticking around to pay off my bills when I was suicidal) but I just had to believe that anything was possible.

I’ll never forget that moment when we were sitting in the car together, looking out at this BEAUTIFUL ocean, wanting to live there so badly.

We had already turned in our applications, met the landlord in person, and once again I was authentic and honest with her about my situation and she was making the final decision about whether she would want us to live there or not.

Sitting there in the car, looking out at the beautiful blue water, all of my negative voices were coming up: “She’ll never accept you, you’re never going to find a place to live, you’re going to end up homeless,” etc and I just sat there Tapping the entire time, working through the blocks.

Literally AS I’M TAPPING, she calls us and says:

“OK ladies you’re in. We would love to have you!…”

blake celebrating at beachIt turned out “my situation” wasn’t even an issue.

I sailed right past the blocks and into beautiful blue water.

She knew she could trust us, and she loved who we were as people and that we would be great tenants — and WE WERE IN!!

At this point EVERYTHING I HAD ASKED FOR had manifested.Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.08.00 PM

I recorded that video on the drive down to our new apartment — a 1.5 hour drive south down to San Diego.


Experiencing your Dream Come True is the BEST feeling in the Whole World.

Now I want to hear about YOUR manifesting Journey! What Manifestation Miracle are you creating in YOUR Life? Are you planning a move to YOUR favorite place?

Share in the comments below!

I Can Do It TattooAND REMEMBER >> YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I am proof!!

If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO! 😀 😀

And if you need any help with the specifics of your plan and working through the blocks that come up for you I would love to help you!


Best of luck on your manifestation journey —

YOU CAN DO IT! I Believe in You!

Lots of Love and Hugs,

Blake 🙂


Tucson Hike Blake Champion arizonaDSC02263


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