Colorado, here we come!

Aaron and I went to Denver, Colorado (my home town!) for my high school best friend’s wedding to her soulmate! It was an incredible ceremony and I feel so blessed to have witnessed it! Watch the slideshow below for more pictures! 🙂


The DENVER part of the trip:

You can see the whole album with captions by clicking here.

Before we left as we were prepping to pack, Gwennie hopped into our suitcase (look at those eyes! LOL — what is it about all cats loving suitcases?).


I let her chill there for a bit until it was

Time to Jet!


We’re on the plane heading to my home state of Colorado – it’s been 4 years since I’ve been back!



The last time I was there I was at the lowest point in my eating disorder suicidal, and desperate to get to treatment.


One of the things I miss the most is the clean fresh air and the fluffily clouds!


Greenwood Village

The first part of our trip we stayed at an AirBNB in Greenwood Village


in our own suite with our own bathroom and entrance. The family we stayed with were SUPER NICE (highly recommend! See link above!) and they had the sweetest dog, Theo 🙂 .


Our first activity was going to Cherry Creek Shopping Center (the outdoor shops) — it was crazy hot!


I love this area and all of the boutique shops!

This is the Wizard’s Chest:


I got some beautiful turquoise rose earrings (my fav color and flower 🙂 ) and this AWESOME book about Angels (by Malcolm Godwin) from all religions and belief systems (some REALLY cool stuff in this book!)


The best thing about driving around was the gorgeous clean air and the greenery. I miss the beautiful open spaces filled with fresh green grass – we don’t have a lot of grass and open spaces (they LOVE to develop here LOL!) in the desert of San Diego (just a LOT of ice plant!)



We were staying next to a great shopping center / theater Landmark and saw Antman (GREAT MOVIE BTW) and we went to one of my favorite restaurants Ted’s Montana Grill.


Isn’t that quote by Ted Turner AWESOME?

“DO SOMETHING, Lead, Follow or Get out of the way!”


(click the bird to tweet this quote) >>

We walked around enjoying the sunset..


It was nice to also relax on our trip watching Roku and drinking ginger ale 🙂 .


(legz for dayz 😀 #proud)



Our next stop was downtown Denver where we walked up and down the outdoor shops of the 16th street mall.


I made sure to get plenty of Colorado souvenirs to take home with me! 🙂 (+ I GOT A 3D UNICORN Hologram postcard!!!)


We stopped at Jimmy Johns subs (a college favorite of mine > SUPER delicious! AND they deliver practically everywhere!!)


We saw the beautiful Denver Capitol and some really cool street art!


and we rode the free MallRide back to our car! 😛


Then we stopped to take a picture on *MY* street – Blake Street! 🙂


We also got to see some of Aaron’s family in Westminster as well on a quick stop to say hello 🙂 .

My Best Friend’s Wedding

The reason for our trip!

My best friend from High School and dear friend of over 13+ years(!) got married to her lovely man (and soulmate!).

(I have literally NEVER seen her so happy!)

The wedding was in gorgeous green Conifer, Colorado just inside the Rocky Mountains.


I wore a new dress I bought for the occasion. 🙂


Their wedding was SO beautiful and I felt so honored to be there (you can see me in the bottom right corner) 😀 . (photo by Cricket Pickens Whitman)


And they later took some beautiful location pictures in the Mountains. (photo by Tara Mc)


Lora and Ted — 7/25/15

Here is Me, Lora and Nash (Lora’s youngest) at the wedding:


Her oldest son Cooper is my Godson and it was so crazy to see how much he and his brother Nash have grown since the last time I saw them in 2011!

Here is me with the boys, first in 2011 (that’s Cooper my godson on the right kissing me on the cheek — LOVE HIM!) and then a current picture of them now underneath. AREN’T THEY ADORABLE?!?!?!



These boys are too cute.

Aaron didn’t do too well with the altitude (as a born and raised sea level man) so we headed home early for a nap before the drink festivities that night at the Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver.


Evening drinks at the Curtis Hotel (a Shirley Temple with extra cherries for me!) 🙂

I got to see so many of Lora’s family who I hadn’t seen in over 10 years. They were my second family and would open their arms, hearts and home to me when I needed to get away from my crazy mom for a few days at a time in High School.

Ben (who I used to carry around when he was 6!) now is TALLER THAN ME and going off to college!! Say whaaaaaaattt?? I can’t believe it!!


(I made those duck pants in sewing class btw 😀 )


EVERY one of Lora’s siblings recognized me and were so *happy* to see me and so glad I was able to make it out for the ceremony (I can’t even tell you how good that felt to feel so loved and cherished and remembered by all of them – over 9 of her siblings were there plus her parents).

It felt so good to feel their love and joy knowing that I had created a happy new life for myself. (That shit wasn’t easy but I DID IT!!!!)

I definitely have more family to visit next time I’m in town 🙂 .

I even got to talk to Lora’s older brother (a former boyfriend of mine who was so good to me, putting up with my mom’s craziness and treating me like a total Goddess).

He just re-iterated how I always said I would get away from my mom and create my own life and he said he always knew I would make it out on my own and go somewhere new like the free spirit I am. ‘As cliche as it sounds,’ he said, ‘it’s true.’ Awwwww. 😀

He was so happy for me and it felt SO GOOD to hear his validation that I had this dream and I MADE IT HAPPEN!!! WHOOP WHOOP! 😀 😀


If you’ve ever been to a wedding you know how crazy it can be to see the bride and groom since they have to greet all of their guests 🙂 .

It was really wonderful for Lora to take some time out to come hang with me for a few minutes. She looked SO FREAKIN’ BEAUTIFUL (as always)!


Lora and Ted — this is True Love. ♥

Aren’t they SO adorable? (and so happy and good for each other!) (photo by Tara Mc)

I am so incredibly PROUD of her for all of her accomplishments and what she has created for her life.

We met in Drama class in HS and became very fast friends. She was the closest friend I ever had — she just got who I was, loved me for all my quirkiness and never let my mom’s shit phase her (I have lost so many friends and boyfriends bc of my crazy mom).

Blake and Lora in High School — Graduation 2004


And we’ve been friends for over 13+ years!! I LOVE THIS WOMAN, she is a sister to me. ♥


Her hobby in High School was photography and now she runs a super successful business with her husband Ted in Colorado! (photo by Rick Louie)


She has taught workshops and traveled all over the US teaching and been featured in large publications!! I am so proud of her 🙂 🙂 .

It’s funny how we both ended up entrepreneurs 🙂 — we were destined to be friends 🙂 .

Her business is and they specialize in creating clean, fresh and timeless photographs for newborn, family, wedding, baby, children, and maternity portraits. Based in Denver, they especially LOVE photographing in the mountains of Colorado.

Swinson Studios Newborn Photo

Check them out — you will be glad you did!

Heading to Boulder

The next morning after the wedding, Aaron and I headed up to Boulder (hippie town!)


We stayed in a room via AirBNB in a super cute house with friendly pets, a great vibe (I LOVED the decor!) a really nice host and a short walk to really beautiful (and challenging!) hiking trails.


Aaron and I headed over to Pearl Street for a yummy dinner. I had chicken fajitas they were SO delicious!


This outdoor mall is so fun — there are always people hanging out playing music — guitar, drums — dancing — rolling around on a mono wheel bike while juggling fire (yep) — and of course the silver guy who poses as a statue >> until you tip him.


I hopped on the frog for a photo op (cuz I’m fun like that 😉 ).

Here’s us at the end of our night:


At one point while Aaron was going on a long hike, I snuck down to Denver to see an old friend of mine since I’ve known since I was in MONTESSORI SCHOOL!

We’ve been friends for over 24+ years! Can you believe it? She’s my oldest friend and whenever we get together it’s like time hasn’t even passed. 🙂




Back in Boulder we drove by their art gallery and I saw this quote and loved it so much I had to take a pic:


“The Highest Purpose of Art is to Inspire.”

~Bob Dylan

RIGHT?!?!??! (This is dedicated to all you artists out there!)

Our last full day in Boulder was a hiking day. We were super close to some awesome trails (that were really steep!) and very challenging (hello thinner air!) and it was a total blast.

Of course on the way to the trail I had to stop and smell the flowers (SO IMPORTANT!!) 😀


The hike was STUNNING! Seriously those blue skies!!!!!!!


Then on our way down we walked a few miles over to North Boulder Park


Where I literally RANNNNNN to the grass to play — cartwheels and handstands!!!


And the next thing you knew…. it was time to go home.

Just one more event on the way down to DIA (Denver International Airport)….

a speeding ticket.

Yep, my first speeding ticket in I think… 10 years?!


After that we went through the crazy security naked scanner thing (so not into that, but I’m not about to get a pat down — but they did have to go through my purse to find… nothing. :-/ )

Our trip was SO much fun — there were SO MANY more people I wanted to see but there just wasn’t enough time.

It was SUCH a needed vacation… and the view on the plan on our way out of Colorado was a stunning as every other view we had.


Goodbye, Colorado! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! Until next time~~


I hope you all enjoyed my post and pictures! (I think this is my longest post to date!) We had so much fun on our trip and I have had a blast putting this together for all of you 🙂 .

Much Love,






PS – you know the kitty was missing us big time while we were gone!

Gwennie had some serious nuzzles for me when we got home 😀