I am so honored that I was a featured speaker in this year’s Mindful Eating Summit!


I had an incredible interview with Dr. Susan Albers of EatingMindfully.com.

I taught EFT for Emotional Eating (getting to the root of it) and in addition to Susan saying she had fun doing it, we had such an amazing response:

I just wanted to say that I was sobbing through the tapping with Blake Ashley Freedom. It was very powerful for me and I appreciate what you are doing with this summit. I am starting to identify issues that I thought were behind me and having the information is helping me heal.
Thank you!
Blake the beautiful job you did at the Mindful Eating Summit has helped me so much! You had me in tears – so powerful. It helped bring up some much bigger issues about power, control, decisions. I haven’t been worrying about eating and I am not going to step on the scale. So much transformation.
If you missed the summit, you can get the replay package here.
If you want to follow me through more EFT, check out these vlogs:
Keep tuning into your body to hear what it needs and wants and transform your relationships with your body and food!
Much Love,