Have you ever thought about how your mindset affects not only the way you perceive your body but also your BEHAVIORS?

Emotional eating, restricting, bingeing and all negative food behaviors stem from a mind that is not nourished, healthy and balanced.

Your thinking leads to your behaviors and it’s no different when it comes to food and your body.

So what if you could stop your negative behaviors with food?

What if you could stop making those decisions about food and about your body that just don’t serve you anymore?

All of this CAN come to an end once you learn how to change your habits, behaviors and become more mindful so you can change your relationship with food.  

I’m so excited to tell you about the Mind Well Fed Summit where I am featured as an expert teaching EFT for Emotional Eating!

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This summit will help you focus on being more aware and mindful of what your body needs so that you CAN feel good and have the energy and vitality you need all day and every day.

Ready to break up with that box of cookies for good? Here’s the deal:

Find all that you need to know in The Mind Well Fed virtual tele-summit where 21 nutritionists, doctors, authors, psychologists, coaches, therapists and other transformational experts will be gathering for 11 straight days giving you all their best techniques, tools, trade secrets, and more so that YOU can have a healthier and fulfilling relationship with your BODY, eating and with food.

Just to be clear, this summit is NOT about dieting — or what you can and cannot eat and it’s not about spending countless hours in the gym.

What it IS about is educating you on sustainable long-term changes surrounding the way you think of food.

You’ll learn how to be mindful of this relationship and healthy ways to nourish your body by nourishing your mind.

The summit begins Monday, March 14th and I’d love to extend an invitation to you — and it is 100% free!

Come follow me as I guide you through EFT for Emotional Eating! It’s FREE!


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I am so excited to teach you how to use EFT for Emotional Eating, how your energy system runs the whole show (including your thoughts and behaviors!) and how to make REAL lasting change in your relationship with your body and food.

See you there!

Lots of Love,






PS- it’s happening soon, registration is 100% free! Register here now.