Do you feel like you can’t trust your body’s natural process and ability to find and stay at it’s healthy weight range?

This process of Tapping will help you release this fear and tune back into your body.

In today’s episode of BFreeTV, I walk you through EFT Tapping to confront and release your Fear of Giving Up Dieting.

You KNOW that dieting doesn’t work — If it did, we would all be skinny!

Giving up dieting can be scary, but it’s ineffective – to have the body you want, you have to change your relationship with food and your body instead.

If you want to learn more about WHY diet’s don’t work, watch my other video here.

Follow along with me as I guide you through EFT to set yourself free to heal your relationship with food and your body so your body can naturally fluctuate to your natural, healthy weight.

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If you want to dive deeper into EFT and how you can use it to heal your relationship with food and your body, apply for a complimentary 30 minute Body Breakthrough session with me where we will identify your personal beliefs that are keeping you stuck and unhappy.

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Thank you so much for watching BFreeTV! Tell me what shifted for you in following me in EFT for Giving Up Dieting — comment below!

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