In this video, I guide you through EFT Tapping for Grief and Loss so you can begin the grieving process without feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.

This is a very special video, part of my dear friend Di Lemon’s Care Package – a special collection of gifts for anyone who is grieving something or someone. If this is you, please go check it out here.

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Grieving is a very difficult process – and it is VERY painful. But it is so necessary to move forward in our lives – to move through and out of the pain and back into peace and ease as we go about living without those / what we have lost.

This video will help you if you are grieving:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Health issues
  • Empty nest
  • Feeling sour or resentful about Life
  • Aging
  • A Family Crisis
  • Losing a pet
  • Trauma
  • Letting go of an Eating Disorder
  • Relationship Change / Divorce
  • Career Success or Failure
  • Loosing a long term client
  • Loss of Sense of Self
  • An unexpected end of a relationship or friendship
  • Relocation / Moving / Saying Goodbye
  • Love You Needed but Never Got
  • Forgiving the seeming unforgivable
  • Loving the seeming Unloveable
  • Letting Go of Longing
  • Swimming in the Unknown
  • Loving Oneself Before You Can Love Someone Else
  • Awakening to Old Pathology still in play
  • Believing something without Evidence
  • Going out on a Limb
  • Loss of treasured  material “possessions”
  • and anything else you are letting go of / missing / feeling loss over

Follow along with me in this POWERFUL video that will take you through a healing that can create a major shift inside of you – and keep coming back as much as you need it.

Here is what one griever had to say about this video:

How can I find words to thank you and congratulate you! You have taken me to the depths of the grief into my body and through it!  I LOVE this video!  It helped me with OLD grief!  Parts unprocessed.. the angry parts, the umbrage feelings… I saw that leak out on a friend recently!  I’m so glad to have this wonderful, effective technique, led by such an intuitive master..YOU!  Your depth and insight comes through like an unexpected LIGHT!….

You don’t have to be afraid of your pain – let EFT move you out of it so you can start to grieve, heal and move on –

After all, the person (or thing) you are grieving would want you to.

(See the tapping scripts under the video if you prefer to read.)

Start the healing process with this video.

Be gentle with yourself, fellow spirit, and just follow along.
Lots of ♥ to you.

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Read the Transcript to follow along:

Hello and welcome to this special episode of BFreeTV.

Where I’m going to be teaching you EFT for Grief, as part of a beautiful care package put together for you by Di Lemon of

I’m so excited to be a part of this package, it’s such a beautiful space for anyone who’s grieving a loss in their life.

Whether it be a death of someone, loss of a pet, a divorce, having an empty nest if your kids have left, losing a long term client, just any type of loss that you’re experiencing in your life.

I would love for you to check out the care package. I’ll put a link right here so you can go look at it if you want any other support.

You can also check out all of my other videos on EFT here on my channel.

[sigh] I just want you to prepare for this video by grabbing some tissues, and also make sure that you have some water nearby.

We’re going to be moving a lot of energy so you’re going to want to stay hydrated throughout the day after this video.

It’s important just to have tissues nearby because you might shed a couple tears, don’t be afraid of it, the way that you know that you’re releasing energy through EFT is through tears, yawning, coughing, feeling tired, burping, any kind of release, you’re going to feel physically.

It’s very minor, it’s not anything to be afraid of, I just want you to be ready.

So go ahead and go grab those thing now.

Now as we get settled in, basically what we’re going to be doing today is addressing all of the deeper feelings that go with grief.

Grief is a very deep, painful experience.

And sometimes it can be really hard for us to move through it.

So what we’re going to do today is move through some of the feelings, throughout so many layers so that we can get to a place of acceptance.

Once we’re in this place, we’re able to move THROUGH the feelings instead of pushing them away.

So we can actually heal those layers faster and feel just a little bit of a sense of comfort so that experiencing the grieving isn’t as painful as it could be without EFT.

Alright, so we’re going to get started.

So if you haven’t done EFT before, I just want you to follow along on all of the points with me.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect, just keep doing what you can, touch the places where I touch, you’re going to lightly tap and just don’t worry about making it perfect, just follow along.

So everything I say, you’re going to repeat after me, okay?

So we’re going to start on the flesh of the hand right here, we call the karate chop point.

Just lightly tapping.

Just repeat after me.

Even though I’m feeling all of this sadness,

I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m feeling all of this pain and sadness in my body,

I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m feeling despair and sad and just horrible,

I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

So we’re going to move up to the inside of the eyebrow of the eyebrow right here on the inside of the hair.

I am so horribly sad.

Outside of the eyes.

I feel so hopeless.

Now move to under the eyes, top of the cheekbones.

I just can’t stand this feeling.

Under the nose.

I feel so lost.

The chin right here in the crease.

I can’t deal with this feeling.

Now we’re going to move down to the collarbone, so here’s the collar bone, and right underneath there’s a soft spot right here or you can tap with the whole hand.

They’re gone.

It’s gone.

So whatever you’re grieving – it’s gone. They’re gone.

They’re never coming back.

I just don’t know what to do.

Under the arm

Right here about the bra strap right under the armpit

I’m so sad.


I’m so angry!

How could they leave me?

What will I do without them now?

Top of the head

I don’t know who I am anymore.

Back to inside of the eyebrow

I feel so desperate.

It hurts so much.

Outside of the eyes

I just can’t go on.

What will I ever do without them?

Under the eyes

This just hurts too much.

I can’t handle this feeling.

Under the nose

I’m so desperate.

I don’t want to feel this!


I can’t feel this.

It’s too much.

It’s too painful.


Just underneath

Why did this happen to me?

How could this have happened?

If you’re angry, just let that anger out, really feel it.

I’m so angry!

I’m so mad at them.

How could they leave me?

What did I do to deserve this?

Under the arm

I don’t want to feel this.

It’s too painful.


Just your wrists together

What am I going to do now?

What am I going to do?

All of this loss that I’m feeling.

I’m so so sad.

I feel empty inside.

There’s a hole inside of me.

Top of the head

This hole.

This hole will never be filled.

Inside of the eyebrow

I feel empty.

I’m so empty.

Outside of the eyes

Who am I?

I’m so lost and confused.

I don’t know where I belong now.

Under the eye, top of the cheekbone

How did this happen to me?

How could this have happened?

I don’t understand.

Could I have done something different?

Could I have changed this?

Is this my fault?

Under the nose

I feel so guilty.

I feel so hurt.

I’m so sad!


I don’t want to feel this, it hurts too much.

It’s so painful.

I don’t want to feel this.

Please don’t make me feel this.

Under the collarbone

If you’re tearing up, just let it flow, okay?

I’m tearing up as I’m going through this, just let it out, take a deep breath.

It’s so painful.

I just don’t know what to do.

Go under your arm about the bra strap

I can’t go on like this.

How will I ever deal with these feelings?

Wrists together

I feel so lost.

I’m lost in a vortex.

Everything is numb.

And yet I’m hurting.

Top of the head

Okay so I want you to close your eyes,

and I want you to really tune into how you’re feeling in your body.

Where are you feeling the sadness, the despair, the anger, the pain?

Find it. Find it in your body.

Is it in your chest?

Is it in your stomach?

Is it in your arms?

Is it everywerhe?

So I want you to imagine that energy that’s running through you and I want you to give it a color.

So let’s say red for example – whatever color comes up for you.

Move to the inside of the eyebrow

I see this – I see this pain inside me.

I see this red energy pulsing through me whatever color it is for you say that color.

All of this energy is pushing through me and it hurts.

Just stay with the tapping, okay? Just stay with the tapping.

Outside of the eyes

It hurts so much.

I see this energy in my body, I see it in this part of my body, then say what part of your body you fell it in

Under the eyes

I feel this pain in this part of my body.

Say what part it is.

Under the nose

I just don’t know if I can feel this.

Its so painful.


How will I ever get through this?


I want this to go away.

Go away, pain!

Go away!

Under the arm

But it’s not going to go away.

It’s not going to go away.


I have to feel this.

Even though I don’t want to.

I have to feel this.

Top of the head

They would want me to feel this.

They would want me to let myself feel.

And it’s okay.

Inside of the eyes

I’m safe.

And if you don’t feel safe, then say I choose to feel safe in this moment.

Outside of the eyes

Just in this moment right now,

I choose to feel safe.

Let’s say that again

Just right now in this moment,

I choose to feel safe.

Under the eyes

Right now in this moment,

I allow myself to feel this.

Because even though it hurts,

I know that I am strong enough.

Under the nose

No matter what,

I am human.

And humans can feel.


Even though this pain feels like it will kill me,

I know that it won’t.

Even though it feels like it will kill me,

I know that it won’t.


I feel this pain inside of me.

I am so scared to grieve.

But my heart wants me to grieve.

My heart is swelling and shrinking.

My heart is hurting.

But my heart is swelling.

And shrinking.

And swelling.

Under the arm

I feel this pain in my body.


Take a deep breath

I feel this pain in my body.

Now say where you feel it in your body

I feel this pain my arms, wherever it is for you

This pain feels overwhelming.

I want you to see it, give it a color, I want you to just look at it.

So you see the color, I want you to just zoom in on it.

Get closer like you’re looking at it with a microscope, what does it look like?

What’s the texture?

Is it a shape, is it something that’s fluid?

Is it still? Does it have jagged edges?

Does it have round edges?

Just keep looking at that pain.

Go into your body, zoom in on that pain.

Just pick one area and zoom in.

Maybe it’s the middle of the chest, maybe it’s the heart, maybe its the elbow, maybe its your knee.

The middle of your calf, whatever it is just zoom in on it.

I see you, pain.

Repeat after me

I see you pain.

I know you’re there.

I acknowledge you.

I see you pain.

And I am here with you, right now.

I know that you’re here for a reason.

Top of the head

And I know that you know that I feel sad.

You know I feel sad.

I see you, pain.

Inside of the eyebrow

I acknowledge that you’re here.

Outside of the eye

I accept your presence.

I accept your presence.

Under the eye

I don’t want to push you away.

I don’t want to push you away.

But part of me does.

But part of me does.

Under the nose

Because I’m scared.

I’m so scared.


I’m so scared to feel you right now, pain.

What if you hurt me?

What if you paralyze me?

What if I die?


What if you hurt me so much – I can’t go on?

I’m scared.

But even though I’m scared in this moment,

I feel you pain.

I see you.

I acknowledge that you’re here.

Under the arm

And I know that if I can acknowledge you,

Then I can let you move through me


That I’m strong enough to be with you.

I’m strong enough to be with you.

Top of the head

I know you’re here to tell me something.

I know you’re here to tell me something.

Inside of the eye

And I know it’s okay to feel you.

Even if I’m scared,

Right now in this moment,

I choose to feel you.

Outside of the eye

I give myself permission,

to feel you right now.

Even if I don’t want to,

and I’m scared to feel you later,

I feel you right now.

Under the eye

I see you pain.

I feel you.

And I know you have a message for me.

Under the nose

Tell me, pain,

what is your message for me?

Now I want you to really tune in here,

move to your chin

I want you to really tune in here and

really look at your pain

and give it a face and a mouth and eyes

and ask it, what are you trying to tell me?

Keep tapping no matter what, keep tapping.

Either hand, you can tap with either hand.

As you’re listening, take a deep breath.

Just ask the pain what are you trying to tell me?

And really HEAR what it’s telling you.

Move down to your collarbone right under your collarbone

I hear you pain.

And if you feel like you’re not hearing anything, just the first thing that comes to mind.

And if you’re hearing silence, then maybe that’s what it needs to tell you – just to be silent.

If you’re hearing it tell you to honor memories, then just be with that feeling,

if you’re hearing it that you need to embrace your emotions, then really hear that and feel that.

Whatever it is it’s trying to tell you, just be with it.

Just keep tapping.

The more you tap, the more energy you are releasing.

Just be with that, be with that message right now.

Acknowledge that pain, acknowledge that loss,

acknowledge that grief,

acknowledge that hurting inside of you.

Now keep repeating after me,

it’s okay for me to feel you, pain.

Even if I’m scared to later –

right now in this moment, I feel you.

Under the arm

It’s okay for me to feel you.

Right now in this moment.


I know that as I’m feeling you,

I’m strong enough.

I know that I can feel you,

because I am strong enough.

I am strong enough to feel you, pain.

I am strong enough.

I am strong enough, pain.

I can feel you.

Top of the head

And even though I have to keep feeling my pain,

I am strong enough to feel it.

And I know that I can choose in this moment,

to be with my feelings.

and I know that I have the power,

to move through them.

All I have to do,

is be with them.

And any time I need to,

when I need to feel,

I can just tap on them.

When I’m scared to feel my grief,

I will come back to this video.

Because I know I am strong enough,

and I will get through this.

I give myself permission,

to feel my grief.

My pain is here to serve me,

and I am strong enough.

I WILL get through this.

I WILL get through this.

I am strong enough.

Thank you grief.

I love you.

And I love myself.


Alright, so we can stop tapping.

I want you to take a HUGE breath into your belly.

Let it out with a sigh…

All the way out

One more deep breath

Let it out with a sigh…

all the way out.

One more, finally.

Deep breath.

Big sigh…



Can you feel all the energy that’s moving?

You might have some warmness throughout your body.

You may be crying a little bit, maybe you’re hiccuping.

Maybe you just have been breathing really heavy through the whole thing.

But I want you to FEEL all of this energy is your emotions.

Emotions are energy in motion.

So all of that pain you’ve been feeling, it’s in your body, it’s physical energy thats IN your body.

When you’re tapping you’re just releasing it one layer at at time,

letting it lift off of you.

And it’s not a bad thing to let it move through you.

It’s part of healing.

And it’s okay to grieve and to feel and it’s okay to let go.

So you have to just go at your own pace.

Grieving is an individual personal process.

So allow yourself,

give yourself permission to move through it at a pace that feels good to you.

And when it feels really overwhelming and you’re just really really hurting,

come back to this video and do it over and over and over again.

As many times as you need.

And change the words, if something I say doesn’t resonate with you,

change the words.

Make it personal for you.

And just be willing to go on in and see what the pain looks like in your body,

because that’s going to help lift the energy even faster.

So I really hope that you enjoyed this video,

and that you got something out of this tapping experience.

I’d love for you to subscribe to my channel.

I create EFT videos constantly.

And please, if you’re grieving something,

if you’re hurting,

if you need some support,

go check out my friend Di Lemon’s Care Package.

But she’s a beautiful, beautiful spirit.

She’s actually helped me throughout the Holidays,

and my birthday when I really struggled with grieving

the loss of my family,

a very unhealthy mentally ill family.

She’s been there with me through her Joy Support.

She’s phenomenal so please go check out her Care Package.

And I just appreciate you being here, I’m so grateful for your presence.

You can come check me out at

You can check out Di at

Thank you so much –

much love.


Remember – it’s okay to FEEL.

Lots of Love,

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