Life is a Journey and so is Healing. I’m not Perfect. No one is.

And that’s okay.

I recorded a vulnerable, honest video for you by the Sea in Ocean Beach, California.

I hope you enjoy this message about how we can be okay right now in this moment, no matter what. You are lovable.

You always have been, You always will be.

Enjoy <3

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Transcript: I’m Not Perfect. And That’s Okay.

Hey there! Welcome to BFreeTV. I’m Blake Ashley Freedom.

You may know me from my EFT videos, telling my story of recovery from anorexia and   orthorexia.

And I’m coming to you from the beach in a special intimate episode and I’m actually going to wear my sunglasses because the wind is blowing so hard that it’s making my eyes water and squint.

So, I wanted to do a little bit more of an  intimate episode today and just talk to you — in about two months I’m going to be celebrating five years of recovery from anorexia orthorexia.

So that means that five years ago in June, that was the day that I stepped foot into a treatment center.

That was my first day of really committing to full recovery doing the work every day, eating the food, working with the treatment team.

That was the day my life changed forever.

And it’s just it’s really interesting looking back on the last five years and how sometimes I think that we compare ourselves a lot to other people but also to ourselves.

And we have judgements on ourselves and especially as a woman in recovery from an eating disorder I know that, the biggest part of my eating disorder was being so mean to myself in my head and as a result of that, acting out in behaviors and just being a person that was very self destructive.

And almost five years later, I’m still going through stuff.

And what’s fascinating to me is that over the Holidays I actually gained a little bit of weight and it  freaked me out.

This is a new body for me, and this is the most that I’ve ever weighed in my life.

And even though I don’t live in the lifestyle with an eating disorder, I’m still, it’s a day to day process where I’m learning how to love myself and accept myself.

I think that the biggest piece of my healing is realizing that I’m not perfect.

We’re not perfect.

We’re always gonna be working on stuff, I’m always going to be healing things,

and just to be gentle with myself, .

And so just and being aware of what I’m feeling in my body I think that’s the biggest transformation for me, is that I’m not acting out in behaviors.

But I’m recognizing that feeling inside of me that uncomfortable feeling or that trigger and I’m looking at it and I’m using the tool EFT because I’m obsessed with it, to heal that and to keep moving forward.

And then more stuff comes up, more layers come up.

and in addition to that, I’ve been really struggling really bad with hormonal acne.


And I’ve struggled over the course of my life many many times I was on Accutane twice, I did every topical ointment, I saw a naturopath and all kinds of doctors and it’s just been a struggle, , it’s been really up and down and it’s been really forcing me to look within also at my routines there’s so many factors.

And that has scared me into sharing my story,

I’ve been realizing my biggest fear is that I die with this story inside of me.

And it’s not easy to tell —there’s a lot of pain and a lot of people are involved.

And people have come into my life and come and left my life  not wanting me to share my story because of how it could affect them.

And I just feel it’s time because I can’t keep putting other people first before me, ?

And with tapping I help people have the most incredible, amazing, transformations and results.

From experiencing a complete shift in their life and the way that they see their life and the direction of their life, to having a miraculous healing, to completely healing their eating disorder to manifesting living on an island 50% of the time which is their dream.

And I’ve also done that for myself, and I’m still not perfect 🙂 .

I just want to be real and talk about that because I want you to know that no matter what you are lovable.

No matter what.

Wherever you’re at in your life right now, no matter what you’re going through, you are lovable.

And it’s okay for you to accept yourself as you are.

Right now.

You don’t need to get to that place, to get to that that accolade, that achievement, that weight – whatever it is for you.

You just have to stand right here in this moment and tell yourself:

I’m lovable and I accept myself as I am

And it’s not always easy, but it’s a practice.

It’s something you do over and over and over again until it becomes normal.

And then sometimes you won’t and then you’ll remember to again.

So thats just what I’m going through right now, is choosing to accept myself where I am and to continue to be who I am and  teach what I do and to help people and to love myself and to share my story and to keep healing just knowing that its gonna be a life long process and that that’s okay.

And that no matter where I am, I’m lovable.

I accept myself.

So please just give yourself a big hug for me, from me to you and enjoy this transmutation of the beautiful ocean air and energy here.

And just know that you are lovable and I love you.

And you are loving.

Thank you so much for watching this episode of BFreeTV.

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Have a beautiful day!


Lots of love from one lovable being to another,

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