Diets don’t work! If they did, we would all be skinny.

Stop dieting and change your relationship with food and your body instead.

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Today on BFreeTV,  you will learn all about why diets don’t work, how you can end up gaining more weight then you lost when dieting and how you can let go of dieting and still discover your body’s natural, healthy weight.

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My own personal experience as an Anorexia/Orthorexia Survivor and chronic dieter

Psychology of Eating article (amazing resource, highly recommend ALL of their stuff!)


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Why Diet’s Don’t Work Transcript

Hey There! Welcome to BFreeTV.

I’m Blake Ashley Freedom, your EFT Healer, Expert and Teacher, Anorexia Survivor and survivor of a narcissistic mother.

And I’m going to be talking today about why diets don’t work.

I’m so excited you’ve joined me.

So let’s talk about why diets don’t work.

First of all diets are a form of restriction, it’s a form of controlling.

And when you’re restricting and trying to control your body and food and your metabolism, your body automatically goes into starvation mode and starts to store fat because your body thinks

“Im not going to get any food, so I need to store as much energy as I can.”

Well that kind of goes against the whole purpose of dieting, right?

Dieting also causes stress on the body so when your body’s stressed, it’s releasing these stress hormones which then they cause the slowing down of burning calories.

So again it’s going against your initial intention with dieting.

The other thing about dieting is that you’re disrupting the natural regulation of your metabolism.

You actually cause damage to your metabolism.

The whole point of your metabolism is to regulate how much energy that being brought into your body through food and how much energy it’s exerting for you to live your daily life.

Your metabolism is your friend and when you’re dieting and restricting you end up ruining and and harming your metabolism and that can take weeks, months, years to heal.

As an anorexia survivor I have been healing my metabolism for YEARS.

And so that’s a very very real problem because it’s your natural regulator and you want to be friends with it.

You don’t want to hurt it.

So the other thing is that diets don’t take into account your personal body type, your weight range, your lifestyle habits, your beliefs and your mindset and other individual factors so it’s not really a one size fits all, you need to find something that really works for YOU and I’ll get into that a little bit later.

Diets are also short term – they’re not sustainable.

I think you know this because if you’ve ever dieted, you’ve only been able to do it for a short amount of time.

So they’re exhausting, you’re wasting SO MUCH energy trying to control things, being in this mindset of restriction and needing things to be a certain way, energy you could be using to live a happy life.

And you usually end up bingeing or emotionally eating.

They’re not sustainable, and here’s the thing, this is a very real statistic:

95% of people who diet end up gaining ALL of that weight back, and a high percentage of people actually gain back MORE weight.

Usually within a year to after a year.

So you’re just going to be back where you’ve, where you started again and that just sucks, I mean who wants to go through that right?

So the thing is:

if diets really worked, wouldn’t we all be skinny?

And if diets really worked, why would dieting be a $35 BILLION industry?

I mean, that’s ridiculous.

People are actually making PROFIT on you struggling, re-gaining your weight, and turning to dieting again. It’s actually really sad.

Will power is not enough to change the deep rooted beliefs, the mindset and the lifestyle behaviors that are driving your body not being at it’s natural, healthy weight RANGE.

Now I just want to say something about this for a moment – your healthy weight is NOT a number – it’s not a POINT – it’s a RANGE.

It’s NORMAL for us to fluctuate between 10-15 pounds.

Especially for women – you know we are hormonal beings, which is a good thing, and we have menstruation, we have um you know, gaining uh water weight and things of that nature, so our body’s gonna shift and that’s normal.

It’s normal to shift between one to two sizes, you know that’s completely normal.

And we need to get out of the mindset that we want to be this specific thing, and start getting in tune with our body and working WITH our body instead of against it.

The other thing is that dieting can lead to eating disorders.

This is a very real thing, I would know, I’m an anorexia survivor and I started dieting, like God, at 14, maybe earlier than that.

And especially with young women and men – dieting can turn into eating disorders because the mindset that you have with dieting, it just can become more and more and more extreme, until it starts to run your life and that’s what develops into the mental illness of an eating disorder.

So you must be asking yourself, well Blake — if dieting doesn’t work and I don’t like my body — I don’t like the size it is, or the weight it is, or the way it feels, or my type or anything like that —

how do I get the body that I ACTUALLY want?

Okay, so there’s a couple things that we can do, right? To make real, lasting change that’s SUSTAINABLE – not short term – first of all — you have to understand and accept your body type.

We do not all have the body type.

We are not all going to be skinny models, and that’s okay – that’s a GOOD thing.

Models are like 10% of the population but because we focus on them so much, it makes it seem like that’s the ideal and that’s what all the population should be like. Well, NO.

There’s like 6 different body shapes.

For me personally, I always wanted to be you know, the very small hourglass figure so that I could work in modeling. I grew up in the modeling industry, I couldn’t get my career to take off very far because I wasn’t the right body type.

It wasn’t until I went through recovery for my eating disorder that I realized, you know, I have hips, that’s the BONE STRUCTURE of my body – that’s not going to change.

When I started to ACCEPT that, I started getting on the same TEAM as my body and it NATURALLY shifted for me, okay.

So we also have to realize that change takes TIME.

You’re not going to lose 20 pounds in 20 days and if you do, you’re going to gain it all back and you’re going to feel like crap.

And you don’t want to do that.

You have to realize that it’s a PROCESS and it happens ONE STEP AT A TIME.

And that’s how real, lasting change happens.

You also have to change your self talk.

You have to change the way that you talk to yourself in your head and you have to change or develop a healthy self care routine – this is SO crucial.

Because it’s a long term lifestyle change.

You also have to change your mindset and your thoughts and the beliefs you have about your body.

You know these are usually shaming, criticizing, judging, and fear.

So you have to let go of those. We have to get to a place where we’re accepting and loving toward ourselves so that we can get rid of all the stuff that’s in the way for us getting to the weight that we really want to be at.

Then you have to get to the ROOT of the feelings and beliefs that are causing this issue!

Okay, this is so crucial!

For example, maybe you’re carrying some extra weight on your body because it’s a mechanism that keeps you SAFE.

You know, maybe you’re afraid of intimacy on a deeper level and you know that if you get into a relationship with somebody you’re going to have to be intimate so you carry extra weight on your body because it’s a barrier – a physical and emotional barrie – between you and intimacy.

There’s SO MANY other examples I could give you but I want to keep this video somewhat short.

So, the other thing is that you may have trauma from earlier in life that’s like keeping you in a cycle of lack so you may be emotionally eating to make up for that lack, because you’re afraid, even if the circumstances around you show that you’re not in lack – if you’re carrying this belief and this trauma in your body, you’re going to be behaving a certain weight that’s unconscious.

That’s related to this stuff that’s going on deeper inside of you, usually from childhood.

The other thing is that we have to soothe our inner child.

You know, we have to tune into her and ask what she is needing, cause sometimes our inner child, like, gets in the driver’s seat and is driving the bus which causes us to feel out of control with our food.

All very related.

It’s, there’s so many deep rooted issues that cause this, I KNOW because I’ve been through this journey – and I had to learn to love my body and I had to learn to get on the same PAGE as it and I had to learn a new lifestyle – I had to learn nutrition, I had to learn to LISTEN to my hunger cues and my fullness cues.

I had to learn to LISTEN to what my body’s wanting for nourishment and so much more.

So, getting to the root issues is what’s going to help clear them out once and for all, right?

And the most powerful way to do this is my favorite tool – it’s called EFT Tapping – emotional freedom techniques.

It’s a form of acupressure that removes energetic blocks in the body but also re-wires the brain.

I mean, it’s SO powerful.

Um, so basically we want to clear these root beliefs, right?

Well, we can do that with EFT.

And I know how to do this because this is how I healed my eating disorder.

There were a lot of factors, but EFT is one of the main tools that I used to heal my eating disorder and it’s the main tool I use today to maintain a healthy weight range, to deal with any food triggers, to deal with any like self criticism and things like that, it’s SO POWERFUL.

If you look up EFT you will see the power and the miracles that can happen with this tool.

It’s just absolutely amazing.

So, as I said before I’m an EFT Healer, I’m an expert, I’m a teacher and I would love to teach you more about this tool.

I want to help you see, you know, where you’re at with your body and your weight and your relationship with food, show you, connect you to where you want to be and get you in tune with some of these root beliefs that are causing you to stay stuck.

So I’d love to offer you a complimentary 30 minute body breakthrough session with me.

We can get on the phone, we can talk about these issues, we can get to the core of what’s going on with you and just kind of determine you know if this is the real transformation that you want.

And I do offer you know offer offerings and programs and things like that but I just really wanna help you connect to your body and what’s really going on so you can make the sustainable, lasting change that you’re looking for.

So if you’re interested, come on over to and apply for a session with me.

You won’t regret it, it’s going to be so good for you to tune into what’s going on um in your body and how you can heal that.

So thank you so much for watching BFreeTV, I hope you come on over and apply and make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you get to see all of my future videos.

Have a beautiful day! MUAH!


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