I love Creating and Expressing through my Art.
I also love wearing my art so others may enjoy it as well. ♥

Ballet type slipper shoes that have been custom painted, there are three pairs, on the left they are painted like a blue galaxy, in the middle like a rainbow universe or galaxy and the right a beautiful colored checker pattern with white flowers on top. Beautiful.

My favorite style of shoe: an eco, rugged “ballet flat” type by Kigo Footwear, all Hand Painted ~ Left: “Blue Galaxy,” inspired by the leggings; Middle: “Rainbow Galaxy,” because I just have to have everything Rainbow 🙂 ; Right: “Flowered Checkers” (a custom request by client to adapt from her fav. fabric print)


Two pictures of different shoes, on the left lace up ked tennis shoes painted in fire colors and rainbow like tie dye lava shoes. On the right, Mens slip on shoes painted with a blue starry sky and waves on a beautiful orange sunset with a rainbow on the back. Dreamy.

Beautiful Hand Painted Shoe Art made by Inspiration and Dreams.
Left: “Energy Colors” Tie-Dye Ked-Style Lace Up Shoes;
Right: “Walking On Dreams” Custom Slip On Men’s Shoes (women can wear this style too!)


A beautiful jewelry necklace with colored gems around the border with a picture of a treasure chest full of glitter gold with a message on the back that reads "Abundance is here". It shows two different styles, one close-up and the necklace being worn.

“The Abundance Necklace” – A constant reminder that YOU are the abundance, that everything you need to reach what you desire is right here, inside of you. The pendant sits just below the EFT tapping point collarbone and when touched can release stuck energy. The Abundance Necklace represents a physical, spiritual and mental reminder that You Are Abundance.


Super rad beautiful bright rainbow spiral tie dye sheets! There are 7 different colors of the rainbow and the pillowcase has a tie dye peace sign on it! Cool, man!

Custom 7 color Rainbow Spiral Tie Dye Sheets with Peace Sign Pillowcase (Queen size shown)

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