You Are Already Abundant! [VIDEO]

You Are Already Abundant! [VIDEO]

Did you know that you are ALREADY ABUNDANT? When you tune into what you ALREADY HAVE - you realize how much you actually DO have! Creating / attracting abundance is not about 'getting to a goal' or 'making this much money' - it's about appreciating all of your current...

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I’m Not Perfect. And That’s Okay.

I’m Not Perfect. And That’s Okay.

Life is a Journey and so is Healing. I'm not Perfect. No one is. And that's okay. I recorded a vulnerable, honest video for you by the Sea in Ocean Beach, California. I hope you enjoy this message about how we can be okay right now in this moment, no matter what. You...

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Diets don't work! If they did, we would all be skinny. Stop dieting and change your relationship with food and your body instead. If you want to follow along with me in EFT Tapping to move through your Fear of Giving Up Dieting, click here. Today on BFreeTV,  you will...

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Forgiveness with Ho’oponopono

I was first introduced to Ho'oponopono by Dr. Joe Vitale in his Miracles Coaching Program. He has a best selling book on the topic called "Zero Limits" which comes highly recommended. Ho'oponopono (pronounced Ho-oh-poh-no-poh-no) is "an ancient Hawaiian practice...

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Hey There! Call me Blake 😀 I'm a Singer-Songwriter, Coach, Clairvoyant Healer and aspiring VanLifer. I beat Anorexia, healed 25 years of abuse and suicidal tendencies through my Recovery. I help other Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers take back their Power from their abuser, and Live Free and in Joy as the Best Versions of Themselves through my Coaching Programs. Through my own Journey, I created Intuitive Tapping™ -- a form of EFT that creates major healing and transformation without the use of a script. Trained through Joe Vitale of The Secret, I've been practicing and teaching EFT for over a decade and use it as my #1 tool for continued Recovery and no relapse in 8 years. ♥ Click here to learn more about how we can work together. ♥

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