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I’m Blake Ashley Freedom (call me Blake) and I’d like to welcome you to my website!

I am an Anorexia and Abuse Survivor, Singer, Speaker and Video Creator.

I love helping people through my Videos and Articles, by Speaking and Sharing my Story of Recovery. I am also a very passionate Singer 🙂.

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I talk a lot about the core issues that caused my eating disorder and how I healed them and learned to love my body and accept myself as I am. I’m continuously adding articles and videos about my story and life.

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Listen to me sing original songs and covers here. One of the biggest blocks I have overcome from my history of abuse was accepting my the gift of my voice. My abuser often told me that I wasn’t good enough, “sang too high” and was an extreme critic. I am finally embracing my gift and love sharing it with the world!

I also teach EFT Tapping – a healing energy tool I still use to maintain my Recovery

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