From Skeptic to Tapper Thanks to Blake

Blake and her way of practicing EFT totally blew my mind! I have tried tapping before and it did completely nothing for me. I felt it was pointless and I wasn’t one of the “gifted” ones to make that kind of magic happen instantly. Listening to my story and my struggles Blake was so spot on pulling out the scripts for me to tap on that she got me curious to try it out again.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I felt it and saw it right away! I was able to tap starting with her scripts and go with the flow to wherever was coming up for me. During the cycles I felt the release and movement happening.

The thing is, I meditate on a regular basis and the feeling I have after meditation always tells me that “I went there” and that I am moving forward. After doing the rounds of Blake’s scripts I felt a release but didn’t feel better per say - like after meditations. I actually felt emotionally sore. So I was pretty sure it didn’t work. I thought it was just a release of emotions and nothing else. But it totally and completely DID work!

One of the issues I was tapping on I got an email less than half an hour later with everything being well and solved. PLUS a specific limiting belief I’ve been carrying around for ages that I thought would take way more effort than just 15 minutes of tapping to get rid of is gone just like that. Magic! 😀

Weeks went by and I have been around the same situation multiple times and none of the fears and insecurities came back after tapping with Blake’ scripts. Tapping is now a permanent part of my magic tool box. She managed to bring to the other side a total non-believer. Super-recommend Blake to anyone ready to change their reality easy like that.

Raine Boyd, artist
Lime Tree Fruits

Blake's High Vibe Fun Energy Makes It So Easy to Learn From Her!

Wow -- I did Blake Freedom’s EFT course, it was incredibly FUN! Blake's High vibe fun energy makes it so easy to learn from her! It was a gateway for me turning my Reiki intuitive sessions into intuitive EFT sessions as I am finding it is way more empowering for people as it is a tool they can take through their whole life and it works SO fast!! It is the BEST healing tool I have found! Thank you Blake!

Priscilla Bradshaw
Conscious Intuitive Living

Deeper than I've Experienced with Tapping

Today I was feeling out of control with the computer stuff and frustration, so I went and overate, then over spent. Then I did your tapping. Tuning into the body instead of saying words went so much deeper than I've experienced with tapping. I was sobbing. So powerful.


Your Energy is Uplifting and Positively Infectious!

You are amazing and I thank you for your sharing! I found [your Tapping Toolbox] encouraging and helpful. Your energy is uplifting and positively infectious! 🙂

Colleen Sonmor

I was Skeptical About EFT but You Convinced Me to Try It!

You are so inspiring! I admit, I am a little skeptical of tapping, but you convinced me to try it! I love how you incorporate the science behind it. You are so positive and encouraging! I really liked the sparkle sounds 🙂 .

Michelle Santy

Miracles Have Happened Using Your Tapping Toolbox!

Blake, your resources are TRULY amazing. Your Tapping Toolbox has opened my eyes to the beauty and power [EFT] Tapping has. With the foundation your program has set – miracles have happened. TRULY! I am ever so thankful for your contribution to this amazing field! I lost my vision back in the fall and constantly and with the help of your Toolbox – I re-gained my sight, healed migraines, helped to control obsessive thoughts, battled through anxiety and so much more! Ever so grateful! Xoxo


I Created a Miracle in my Life with the Tapping Toolbox

I literally created a miracle in my life by going through Blake’s process of intuitive healing with her Tapping Toolbox videos. It was life changing! Not only did I clear out deep rooted fears and false beliefs related to my business success, I became even more committed to personal development practices because I WANTED to after resisting them for so many years!

Blake's tapping methods and coaching not just made me more successful in my business, it made me a better person overall! I busted through barriers and started creating the life and business I've always wanted because I was finally able to get past those fears and false beliefs that have been holding me back for SO LONG!

And let's not forget how much FUN she makes tapping!

I can't wait to see the ripple effect of healing and happiness that people all over the world will receive when they get in touch with Blake's Tapping Toolbox!”

I never think of ED anymore...

Hi Blake 🙂 So great to see your awesome, bright face!

I am doing real well. I never think of Mr ED anymore which is an amazing thing 🙂

I am still planning (have all parts and pieces in place) to live in Jamaica part time starting at the end of Dec! I have a beautiful place waiting for me there on the west end of the island.

I am following a beautiful spiritual quest that every door imaginable keeps opening for me and guiding me along.  It has created a life of it's own and what a marvelous, magical and sweet journey it's been indeed!

I am and will always be grateful for the sweet part you played as my coach in the healing process we started (and as you know, like growth, the journey continues on 🙂 )

I look forward to seeing you again on this amazing journey of this outrageous life we're living!


Shelly V.

Your Program Made Me Realize WHY I've Been Overeating My Entire Life

After going through just the first two phases of your Happy In My Body Program, I went back over my entire life and realized why I’ve been over-eating my whole life. I always thought of myself as someone who doesn’t have those deep rooted issues that other people have around food. I thought I was just raised with bad food habits. Going through your Program opened up my eyes — it opened up so much darkness that I didn’t even know was there — I realized I have been living functionally depressed and my food issues have been a representation of my hunger for something more in my life. Now I know what my issues are and have the tools to really work on them. Your Program is a combination of food + health + body image work with personal and spiritual development mixed in — there’s nothing else out there like it. I am so grateful for this Program — it is SO NEEDED in the world!


From Seriously Stuck to a feeling of Hope, Freedom and Clear Direction

Hello sweet Blake,

In your search for recovery from your parents and past you’ve become the best coach & recourse for others.

To say what I got from your coaching was absolutely amazing.

When we first spoke about coaching together, I was at one of the very lowest times in my life and desperately seeking a life line. There was something in our conversation that gave me hope in finding a way out of the depression and anxiety I was dealing with [in] my eating disorder.

Everything we did together, from the exercises we did (especially the tapping & the bubble) when I was in some serious states of overwhelm, to the way you listen and guided in the very beautiful nonthreatening manner you have, always left me moving forward in my recovery.

So quickly, in fact, that after only the a handful of sessions, the shift I felt in my behavior (physically, emotionally and spiritually) went from one of being seriously stuck to a feeling of hope, freedom and clear direction.

You've made a huge difference in my life and I will always be thankful for the great and fun work we did together!

I can't express how grateful I am and will always be for your awesome coaching and how we found each other :-).

Love and hugs to you,


Blake has a gift of feeling into exactly what I'm going through...

Blake, Thank you so so much for the gift of our session. I can tell already that each of the things we touched on and discovered holds so much growth potential for me, and for the first time in so long I can see my path forward and I don't feel stuck anymore! And I feel like you have given me tools to move in this direction slowly (one step at a time) and surely, comforting my scared inner child as I go:)

Our session was truly moving and groundbreaking for me. You really have a gift of feeling into exactly what I'm going through, even when I'm not consciously aware of it, and the whole session felt like it was exactly what I needed on a deeply personal level. Your empathic insight and truly amazing EFT skills brought things up for me that I had been struggling to understand clearly for so long, and I always thought I was good at reflecting and knowing everything about my problems! Truly a breakthrough:)

I gained new insight into where I needed to heal myself and grow, what was holding me back, and intuitive, easy tools to use to help me on my newly-charted journey!

My favorite part was the EFT session and Angel Card reading. The EFT session was amazing - with your intuitive questions and prompts, things became clear for me that had been simmering just out of reach of my understanding for so long, and I felt a shift immediately afterwards into how I had known intuitively I was meant to feel. And the Angel Cards felt so dead on - exactly what my heart had been trying to tell me but my inner critic hadn't been able to fully believe until you confirmed it for me.

In less than 24 hours I can already feel a shift and see where my path (smoothly, down a river:) can go, and I know it will continue to help me along this journey.

Without a doubt, I would recommend you to a friend. It is a good thing that I am the only person I know close to me who has struggled with this level of eating disorder, but if this ever changes you will be the first person I refer them to.

Thank you for doing what you do!! It really is an inspiration 🙂

Much love and gratitude,


Blake gave me hope...

"Blake is really good at what she does. Out of all of my years in anorexia, Blake is the one that showed me that there is life after anorexia and that you can recover and that's huge. She taught me not to give up and that there are endless possibilities in life and that I can do whatever I want to do. She gave me hope."


Blake has been a significant part of my ED recovery...

Blake has played one of the most significant roles in my recovery [from anorexia]. When I met her in treatment, she was this magnificent light that wound up serving to illuminate my path out of darkness. Through Blake, I saw what was possible. She stands in her strength, knows her truth and shows up as her authentic self. Blake is the embodiment of freedom: she honors her voice, embraces her body, listens to her soul and nourishes her spirit. With every moment you spend with Blake, she invites you to do the same. There are no words to express my gratitude and love for her.”

Marisa Bruyneel
Spiritual Leader & Educator

Blake is an inspiration...

“Blake is an inspiration to all those dealing with an eating disorder! She is open and vulnerable for all of us to see and ultimately benefit from. Thank you Blake!”

You can finally be free...

"Blake has a beautiful gift of connecting with your soul and pulling things out you didn't even realize were there. She is authentic and compassionate, putting her soul into her gift of healing others. She can truly help you reach inside your self and pull out the parts of you that are standing in your way of finally being Free."

I'm more mindful...

"I've always been aware of food and balanced eating, but I'm much more mindful of my daily intake because of my work with Blake. She has helped me to look deeper into what was going on underneath "I'm too busy to eat" -- to see where I am feeling that my body doesn't deserve food and to be aware of when I am needing to take a break and love myself by nourishing my body."

Blake makes transformation seem possible...

Blake makes rising to great heights from the lows seem possible since she’s so open to sharing herself from both places. She is a Goddess.”

Katana Leigh Dufour
Spiritual Fine Artist

Blake's energy stays with you forever...

“Blake gave me the motivation I needed to get up, go outside and talk to everyone I needed to move my business forward. She puts so much energy into helping you that it stays with you forever. Thank you Blake!”

One of the best coaches I've ever had...

“Blake helped me take my limiting beliefs and turn them into my strengths. She is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had -- she’s brilliant!”

Hugo Ljung
International Entrepreneur

Work with Blake!

If you’re looking for an impression in your life, work with Blake! She has a key insight, an “unnatural” Clairvoyant ability to unlock those key things that are often terrifying to reveal.