Ready to Learn How to Be Your Own Healing Guide Using EFT Tapping?

Do you want to transform your life and feel Free NOW?

  • You want to learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • You want to heal your pain (whether in your body, mind or spirit).
  • You want to break through the unconscious patterns that hold you back.
  • You want to heal chronic issues and disease.
  • You want to resolve emotional wounds that keep you from real connection and fulfillment.
  • You want to let go of what is no longer serving you.

The EFT Tapping Toolbox™ is for you if you are a Creative Soul who…

  • Wants to create the best version of yourself so you can live in alignment with your passion and purpose
  • Wants to have a stronger self care and self love practice
  • Get to know yourself more fully by connecting to your true authentic self
  • Release pent up emotions like anger, sadness and resentment
  • Wants to release disappointments in your choices from your past
  • Wants to forgive yourself and other people who have hurt you
  • Clear the blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Have a tool that you can use whenever you are triggered by a person or event
  • Wants to be FREE!
Blake Jump!

What would it be like for you if you had a tool that could transform your pain, experience of feeling trapped and powerless into a state of happiness, peace and freedom?

What is your peace and well-being worth to you?

The Tapping Toolbox™ is an Intuitive Healing Training Course specifically focused on teaching you the powerful and proven energy tool, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). This high content, super fun video course is packed with trainings, guides, meditations, journal pages and more to become adept so you can use EFT in your daily life. 

How Does EFT Work?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is a very powerful tool based on the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure.

Acupressure has been around for thousands of years and has been used by millions of people looking for alternative means to western medicine.

The basic idea is that when we experience a trauma of any kind (small or big), the imprint of that trauma gets stored in our energy system.

Like a hose with a kink in it, our energy system (think your nervous system, the energy system that drives your metabolism and processing nutrients, your chakra system and more…), is not able to flow in its optimal state.

This causes all kinds of issues including stuck feelings, physical ailments, illness, chronic issues and more.


It’s All About Restoring Your Flow

With EFT we have the power to heal our wounds / traumas / energy blocks.

Thus we heal the physical / mental / emotional / spiritual issues that we experience because of them.

Why I Can Help You:

I used Intuitive Tapping™ to HELP HEAL MY EATING DISORDER!!

4 years ago, I was on my death bed, suicidal, and planning my suicide because my brain was so malnourished — I just didn’t know if I could do Life anymore.

My Higher Self guided me to a Holistic Treatment Center where I fully committed to my Recovery (My BIG WHY = I knew I wanted to be a role model someday and be an example of possiblity for other sick members of my family and society).

I had already heard of EFT from a previous coaching program and had used it some but the scripts just didn’t work for me.

So guess which tool they taught us to use as our Aftercare once we had left treatment — you guessed it — TAPPING!

This tool CHANGED MY LIFE and allowed me to maintain my recovery after treatment – I have never “relapsed” because of this tool (which is rare in ED recovery)

It was the one thing I had that I could use WHENEVER I was triggered, in pain, feeling overwhelmed by my emotions, pissed off, wanting to use ED behaviors, feeling physically ill, moving through fear and to change deep core beliefs that caused my eating disorder (mental illness).

As an Intuitive, I naturally began to incorporate using my internal guidance system, and with the help of my treatment team — I learned to tap into my body (something that was very difficult for me in my eating disorder) — and Intuitive Tapping™ was born!

Nothing has ever worked for me the way that Tapping has.

I feel SO PASSIONATE about this tool I have to spread the word out into the world!

I am happy to report that I consider myself recovered from my eating disorder, and now lead a happy, healthy life maintaining a healthy weight! 🙂 WOOHOO!

I Am Your Super Fun Teacher!

I have a lot of energy (you may have noticed 😉 ) and everything I teach is done in a FUN WAY.

I dance around in my videos, have poured my heart and love into creating them with fun sound effects and lots of dancing and good music 🙂 .

People have told me this training is like nothing they have ever seen and my energy alone is inspiring, uplifting, and infectious and has made them a believer and a tapper.

I am your FUN FABULOUS Healing Guide!

And whatever it is you’re suffering with, whatever pain you are feeling — I HAVE BEEN THERE — and I can teach you how to set yourself FREE — because it’s possible for YOU too!

Clearing your energy blocks is the FASTEST way to experience Transformation on all levels – and it has been PROVEN to work.

When you understand how and why EFT it works, and you *know* how to use the process, you can then use it in an intuitive way that works for YOU.

You become unstoppable in your own healing process!

This Video Training Series Will Help You:

  • Become your own Healing Guide by learning the science, process and intuitive form so that the training really sticks
  • Help you heal your core issues so you automatically think and act in a different way so you get different results in your life 
  • Create new neuropathways in your brain so you go to this tool instead of using other unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Have a FREAKIN’ BLAST doing it so you never feel bored tapping again!
  • Never second guess the power of EFT Tapping again so you actually USE it!
  • Really know this tool so you feel empowered and able to heal yourself easily and in a short amount of time
  • Know how to use EFT in the way that works for YOU so you never need another training course again
  • Never feel at the mercy of blocks, pain, trauma, illness, triggers or negativity EVER AGAIN!

Here’s what’s included in the high energy, fun, content rich, easy-to-learn Tapping Toolbox™ Video Training:

Video #1 – The Science, Theory and Evidence of HOW IT WORKS

  • Learn everything you need to know about how and why EFT Tapping really works.
  • Really wrap your head around the practical aspect of it so your brain can get on board with the process (so you don’t just have to be a ‘believer’).
  • Learn how our thoughts create our beliefs and how Tapping can help you change them to create different results in your life.

I have been told this video alone has inspired clients to actually use the tool because they have an understanding that no other training has given them.


The audio download of Video 1 — save to your mobile device to re-listen on the go.

The PDF text transcript of Video 1 explaining the science, theory and evidence for you to download and keep for reference.

Video #2 – Master the EFT Points

  • Follow along with me as I show you the EXACT meridian points so you make sure you are tapping in the right places to get the maximum effect
  • Learn the points (while entertained with my own sense of humor and entertainment) as we do the sequence over and over until you have them memorized. 
  • You will never have to remember the points again – you will have them down concretely.


The audio download of Video 2 — save to your mobile device to re-listen on the go.
The Tapping Points Visual Guide PDF (download, print and hang it up!)

Video #3 – Become Your Own Healing Guide with Intuitive Tapping™

  • Learn my proprietary form of EFT called Intuitive Tapping™
  • Learn how to use your intuition to tap into your body and emotions to get the most out of EFT
  • Become proficient in EFT Tapping so you never have to remember scripts or ‘how to do it’ again

This video alone has created miracles in people’s lives (their words).


The audio download of Video 3 — save to your mobile device to re-listen on the go.
The Setup Phrase Guide PDF – learn all about the love and acceptance phrase that can set up your system to breakthrough even deeper
The Intuitive Tapping™ Visual Guidemap (print out this PDF and let it guide you through your Intuitive Tapping™ process)

I Created a Miracle in my Life with the Tapping Toolbox

I literally created a miracle in my life by going through Blake’s process of intuitive healing with her Tapping Toolbox videos. It was life changing! Not only did I clear out deep rooted fears and false beliefs related to my business success, I became even more committed to personal development practices because I WANTED to after resisting them for so many years!

Blake's tapping methods and coaching not just made me more successful in my business, it made me a better person overall! I busted through barriers and started creating the life and business I've always wanted because I was finally able to get past those fears and false beliefs that have been holding me back for SO LONG!

And let's not forget how much FUN she makes tapping!

I can't wait to see the ripple effect of healing and happiness that people all over the world will receive when they get in touch with Blake's Tapping Toolbox!”


Resource Guide with other amazing Healing Resources related to tapping, energy healing and more!
Meditation download: “How to move through the fear that keeps you from Healing Yourself”

Blake's High Vibe Fun Energy Makes It So Easy to Learn From Her!

Wow -- I did Blake Freedom’s EFT course, it was incredibly FUN! Blake's High vibe fun energy makes it so easy to learn from her! It was a gateway for me turning my Reiki intuitive sessions into intuitive EFT sessions as I am finding it is way more empowering for people as it is a tool they can take through their whole life and it works SO fast!! It is the BEST healing tool I have found! Thank you Blake!

Priscilla Bradshaw
Conscious Intuitive Living

I was Skeptical About EFT but You Convinced Me to Try It!

You are so inspiring! I admit, I am a little skeptical of tapping, but you convinced me to try it! I love how you incorporate the science behind it. You are so positive and encouraging! I really liked the sparkle sounds 🙂 .

Michelle Santy

From Skeptic to Tapper Thanks to Blake

Blake and her way of practicing EFT totally blew my mind! I have tried tapping before and it did completely nothing for me. I felt it was pointless and I wasn’t one of the “gifted” ones to make that kind of magic happen instantly. Listening to my story and my struggles Blake was so spot on pulling out the scripts for me to tap on that she got me curious to try it out again.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I felt it and saw it right away! I was able to tap starting with her scripts and go with the flow to wherever was coming up for me. During the cycles I felt the release and movement happening.

The thing is, I meditate on a regular basis and the feeling I have after meditation always tells me that “I went there” and that I am moving forward. After doing the rounds of Blake’s scripts I felt a release but didn’t feel better per say - like after meditations. I actually felt emotionally sore. So I was pretty sure it didn’t work. I thought it was just a release of emotions and nothing else. But it totally and completely DID work!

One of the issues I was tapping on I got an email less than half an hour later with everything being well and solved. PLUS a specific limiting belief I’ve been carrying around for ages that I thought would take way more effort than just 15 minutes of tapping to get rid of is gone just like that. Magic! 😀

Weeks went by and I have been around the same situation multiple times and none of the fears and insecurities came back after tapping with Blake’ scripts. Tapping is now a permanent part of my magic tool box. She managed to bring to the other side a total non-believer. Super-recommend Blake to anyone ready to change their reality easy like that.

Raine Boyd, artist
Lime Tree Fruits

Deeper than I've Experienced with Tapping

Today I was feeling out of control with the computer stuff and frustration, so I went and overate, then over spent. Then I did your tapping. Tuning into the body instead of saying words went so much deeper than I've experienced with tapping. I was sobbing. So powerful.


Your Energy is Uplifting and Positively Infectious!

You are amazing and I thank you for your sharing! I found [your Tapping Toolbox] encouraging and helpful. Your energy is uplifting and positively infectious! 🙂

Colleen Sonmor

The entire Tapping Toolbox™ Video Training is delivered INSTANTLY after payment on one beautiful page that will guide you through the process.

All audios and PDF’s are available to download immediately!

Once your payment is received, you will be emailed a link directly to the Tapping Toolbox™ password protected page.

My Guarantee:

I guarantee that you will receive IMMENSE value from the Tapping Toolbox™ and I know that if you complete the training course, you will learn, love and USE Tapping for your own Healing practice! I want you to discover MIRACLES after using this powerful tool like so many of my clients have before!

I offer a 48 hour money-back-guarantee providing you can answer a few questions to show that you have watched the videos. 

Since all materials are available to download immediately, I am trusting that you will use this time to truly evaluate whether it will work for you and stay in integrity.

If you go through the training and feel like it will not work for you, just send me a refund request at connect (at) and I will happily refund your money after you fill out a short survey.

I know that this this tool can truly change your life! 🙂

This training is PACKED FULL of high quality content and guides.

It has been made FOOLPROOF for you to become your own Healing Guide using EFT, and is well worth several hundreds of dollars.

I want to make it easy and simple for you to say YES to your own Healing Journey! I want you to feel confident in investing in yourself and your ability to take back your power, so you can help yourself to then help the people you are here to serve.


(Don’t want to pay with Paypal? Just click the ‘pay with a debit/credit card’ link at the bottom of the next page.)


Will I have time to do this training?

It is up to you to implement the training to get the most out of it, but going through all of the videos will take you just over one hour to complete.

The printables will help you transition from the videos into your own practice where you have everything memorized and don’t need anymore guidance.

If you take just 20 minutes a day (during / after breakfast / before bed / on your lunch break) in just a few days you will understand, embrace and know how to use Intuitive Tapping™ to heal yourself on any issue you could imagine.

Think of this like an act of self-care and self-love. Is just one hour of your time worth the thousands of hours that you would spend suffering without this life changing tool?

Do you offer payments?

Due to the nature of this program being 100% available and easy to download, I only offer a one-time payment option. This program is so packed full of value and priced at a super easy to afford option. If you can afford to struggle through your pain that interrupts your daily life and well-being then quite frankly you can’t afford NOT to do this training.

Is this training for me?

This program is for you if you are ready to finally learn how to use EFT for your own benefit and utilize it is as a self-care tool. If you are willing to invest in yourself and the small amount of time it takes to learn it and even smaller amount of time it takes to use it every day (literally just a few minutes each time you use it) then this program is for you. This training is also for you if you keep visiting this page. 🙂

This program is NOT for you if you are looking for a magic pill to heal your problems. You will not get anything out of this if you are not willing to do the work on yourself that is necessary to achieve true healing and transformation. I guide you through the process of learning and empowering yourself, but it is up to you to put the tool to practice as you need it. This program is also not for you if you are not really interested in using EFT. If you are on the fence, this program might just be the thing that sways you into using it, but be sure you are open and willing to learn and try. This program is also not for you if you intend to purchase it and then ask for a refund. 

PS –

My Lovely, I KNOW that you are ready to Embrace Your Inner Healer!

You don’t want to spend another day feeling powerless, in pain, suffering and trapped in the way you feel.

It is time NOW for you to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER so you can live a fun, happy, free life!

Invest in your own Healing because YOU DESERVE IT! This program is SO AFFORDABLE, you have no reason to say no!


(Don’t want to pay with Paypal? Just click the ‘pay with a debit/credit card’ link at the bottom of the next page.)

Have questions? I’d love to answer them! Just click here to fill out my contact form or you can email me: connect (at)